We have some great ideas about the future of organisations and the digital workplace, but we will have a way to go on teaching people and teams the basics
Thoughts on institutional upgrades, hierarchies versus networks, and re-wilding as an organisational design priority.
Cerys shares some great reads on the shift from project to product that accompanies agile transformation, and some hints for non-technical teams…
In this edition, Livio reflects on the cognitive deficit of leaders, the undying corporate addiction to meetings, and why these are terrible for getting…
Cerys explores ways in which leaders can help individuals and organisations embrace this unique moment of liminality as we transition to new realities.
This week, Lee reflects on different approaches to teaching leaders how to build, support and run high-performance 'business agile' teams...
In this edition, we look at some common challenges faced by L&D functions when designing effective leadership development programs that deliver…
Lee Bryant reflects on divergent visions for the future of the digital organisation
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