Some thoughts on how we need to up our learning and development game when it comes to teaching and supporting managers in trying to succeed with hybrid working
Some reflections on the path agile is taking to adoption through organisations, drawing on some recent experiences and pain points.
In this edition, Livio considers some of the basic steps that leaders need to take to improve their visibility and credibility using digital workplace …
Some reflections on EX, the role of managers in creating colleague-first experiences and the challenge of relentless change for all.
This week, Livio digs into the central role that memory plays in all aspects of our work, as well as wider society.
Some reflections on the changes underway in executive education and the link to 'un-thinking' learning organisations and artificial intelligence
This week, Livio shares some thoughts and links on our brain's ability to make rational decisions and retain knowledge in the face of evolutionary and …
Cerys shares links and insights into teams and leadership, inspired by the launch of a major collaborative project.
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